Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Cry Baby

It has been proved that no one cries without an authentic emotional trigger. Whatever is the motivation behind tears, they are rooted in a heartfelt emotion. You can't fake tears and that’s why they're so hard to turn off.

But I have seen people who cry very often. It's like their emotions have direct connections with their tear ducts. They cry not only for sad things like a movie or thinking of something sad but also in frustration and anger. They cry when they feel helpless. They get hurt easily and react with much feeling to the world around them. ANY emotion comes out as tears. There’s a difference between crying because of a movie and crying for absolutely no reason!! But people cry. I don't understand it. It might be possible that I don’t understand them; they might be very sensitive or emotional. I don’t even tell them to toughen up because they will be same no matter how many times you advise them. They respond to any kind of pressure or conflict with tears.

Sometimes I feel that there is nothing wrong if someone cries often. We can say that we are not as prone to crying as other people, we feel and express our emotions in a different way but not by crying. Actually everyone cries, most people just keep it personal, they keep it private.