Thursday, January 17, 2013

School & Crushes

I believe the school days are the best days in the whole life of any human. It is the place where you make your first friend, have your first crush and also you learn here the first lesson of life. Here you learn to compete, to excel your hopes.

School days are the days you hold onto the thing you love much, the things you never want to lose. You can only imagine that how did it get over so soon? How the time has flown. School days are the best for any person.

Although I have written much about myself, still I think it takes a lot of your nerve to post something that you have done and to share it with strangers all over the world.

Up to class 5 I did my schooling in Hindi medium school. Soon I moved to DAV Centenary Public School, an English medium school. I remember the public school life mostly.

As I already have told you, I was a bookish worm, but, slowly things changed and ya I too had a number of crushes, actually one or two. Do you remember your first teenage crush? I had it only two times. I remember it (in class 6 or 7). it lasted only a couple of months lol and I survived my first crush and now I find it very amusing and I cannot control myself laughing out. Now I came to know that crushes (mainly grown up crush) are amazing yet horrible things. Sometimes you start liking someone so much that it brightens your day and eventually it can also be transformed into love.

A crush is an exciting thing that seldom leads to something great because most of the time people are too scared to confess to them.  As it happened to me I can explain that crushes are amusing for a minute, then maybe a little bit heartbreaking (second and last in the crushes category :P), but they sooner or later go away with time. I don’t know why people call it crush..i think some people really get crushed sometime.

As now I have got all d wisdom and some sort of experience. I should tell that if two people can’t confess their feelings at a time then they're perhaps not destined to be together.

I had enjoyed a lot in my school days but was always in a position of inferiority. Virtually I never opened up to anyone and very few know that I had a crush in my high school..actually circumstances were like I used to think why to let others to make fun of u…she doesn't talk to me..she likes somebody else..and many other shit..

A girl I don’t wanna mention d name came across in class 12th. I was really impressed by her cool, motivated, ambitious, and an open nature behavior. I should call it a crush but I must say it was more than that. Even after leaving school I remembered her due to some misfortunes no one knew where she flew away after d school. Even after a couple of years somehow she stayed in my mind. I couldn't ask any one also where she was.

Some of my friends used to tease like “hey I met her today..She is in Patna..i saw her at Railway station” I used to think I might find her in my way ..yunhi kahin dikh jayegi. I don't know really some of my school mates had her contact??..Really they used to talk or simply they just used to tease me?? Even I felt very jealous of my friends many times.

One day by all means I found her in ORKUT; that too using her school name she last attended, her another name, her native places.etc. Soon I sent her friend request. From that day we are in contact.

It was very evident that I was really impressed by her. I knew many thing about her, her old school name., some of her favorite movies..songs, favorite actors etc. Not only I knew all these but I remembered also. Recently I told her I liked her and she surprised me that she knew it before. Anyways it is one of my the bittersweet memories of school days.

Still today I think there are d things yet to know about her.

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  1. I don't understand how some people have the courage to tell their crush they like them. Sometime I don't even have the courage to ask for extra ketchup at McDonald's..:P